Posted on 07-Aug-2018

Vid-FX+ Advertising

"The biggest problem in marketing is the illusion that communication has taken place."

Clicks, hits, likes, views etc. are all very nice. But, the whole purpose of the exercise is to build a dialogue. So that you can convert enquiries into sales.

Ok, calls can be distracting, they can interrupt your train of thought. Callers can take a lot of your time, interrupting your ‘real’ work.

So if you are not answering your phone or emails. If you are not responding to enquiries. Ask yourself who is?

If your marketing has worked it has generated an interest in your product or service. Potential new customers want to talk to you. If you are not talking to them they will look elsewhere. They will look to people who can reassure them and answer their questions. Who will give them the confidence to buy. Congratulations, you have given business away to your competitors.

Before embarking on any advertising, marketing or PR campaigns. You MUST be ready to handle all the enquiries that it will generate. You must be sure that those who answer your enquiries are able to translate them into sales.

Remember, that without effective communications, you have no sales. Without sales, you will have no business.

Gavin. VidFX+ Advertising.
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